Deeksha Sharma

Deeksha Sharma

Product & Engineering Obsessed

Hi 👋 and welcome to this space!

I am a software professional with extensive experience in product & engineering roles. Since 2007, I contributed to domains including banking, finance, open-source licensing, eCommerce, and online education.

A small list of companies, I worked with include Spark New Zealand, Revenera (Software Vulnerability Team), Union Bank of California, Bank of New Zealand(BNZ), Westpac, Bank of Montreal, Moneris, Nomis Solutions, Pluralsight Inc, and Crystallize. I am the Technical Product Manager at Health Aware Planet and the core contributor at BonsaiiLabs.

Over a period of years, I learned, practiced, and acquired these skills. Most of my open-source code goes to GitHub, and I love connecting with humans (not bots) either on LinkedIn or by email: deeks dot sharma25 at yahoo dot com. I have been working remotely since 2017 and am currently located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. I love to learn, explore the life of people in different cities/countries, and talk about coffee.

Here, I have documented a small subset of my projectscourses, programming videos,  technical writings, and recent UX work.

I am also a volunteer mentor with eVidyaloka, where I spend time with rural and urban kids on computer science projects.

If you are interested in browsing my work and skills, the following links 👇 may be helpful!

A few words from the people I worked with 🎖️

Deeksha has worked with me for three years. First as a full-time employee at Palamida, and then as my direct report, working remotely, after Palamida was acquired by Flexera. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Deeksha, she is a truly invaluable asset to any team. She was single-handedly responsible for developing and maintaining our cloud offering which consisted of REST services running on top of SOLR servers hosted on Amazon AWS. Her skillset in NodeJS, Java, and all-around cloud architecture know-how was invaluable. Working as a remote contractor, her time management skills allowed her to effectively deliver on all commitments for Flexera, all while working on projects from other companies as well. I would highly recommend Deeksha for any project or engagement. As a dedicated and knowledgeable employee, and an all-around great person, I know that she will be an asset to any organization.

While leading the engineering function at Nomis Solutions, I was lucky to have had the opportunity to engage with bonsaiiLabs over several years, across multiple engagements. Both Harit and Deeksha led different teams from architecture and technical perspectives while contributing significantly to the codebases across multiple products, technologies, and engineering disciplines. They consistently achieved deadlines working remotely, taking full ownership of their assigned areas working with teams located in different geographies including Silicon Valley, Belarus, Canada, India, and New Zealand. They were very flexible in adjusting work hours to attend sprint planning meetings across the various time zones, leading code, and design reviews, and attending product releases. They delivered high-quality and performant code adhering to established processes and standards, often making recommendations that have evolved processes and architectures that remain in place today. I was very appreciative of their willingness and capability to drive quality code reviews and mentor other team members and they never failed to impress me in whatever I assigned them or what the teams needed at the time. They genuinely take their work very seriously, while being fun and easy to work with. I give them my highest recommendation and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Deeksha is an excellent engineer. She collaborated remotely with our team in SF Bay Area and delivered high-quality work. Her technical abilities to design, implement and debug the systems helped us build and maintain our Cloud Services for our SCA product line.