Deal Management Software for Front Line Bank Reps



Nomis Solutions, San Francisco, United States


Deal Manager is a dynamic and configurable Retail Banking solution. It allows front line bank representatives offer personalized rates to their customers. Rates can be offered across various channels including branches, call centers, and through brokers. Deal Manager hides the complex pricing strategies behind a simplified UI to help bank representatives serve customers with features such as approved offers, competitive or previous offers and exception workflows.


  • Node.js
  • React
  • MongoDB
  • Meteor
  • Docker
  • AWS


  • Bank should be able to present competitive offers and make decisions with personalized pricing for mortgages, term deposits and personal lending. This should be possible via web application accessible to them.
  • The application should provide capabilities such as offering rates, manage customer interactions, track and compare multiple competitive rates, automated exception workflow based on role of the front line bank representative.
  • The web application should be secure, fast and responsive across multiple devices.


  • Presented application design and implemented new APIs specific to the bank needs.
  • Worked closely with the product team and banks in Canada, New Zealand and Australia to understand their requirements.
  • Approached with the strategy of quick prototyping and testing before rolling out the actual version.
  • Fixed existing bugs, released them on time and deployed to customer EC2 instances.
  • Lead a team of engineers and performed design and code reviews.
  • Introduced docker based deployment and testing approach to reduce the cost of using EC2 instances on AWS.
  • Involved in frequent design and implementation feedback directly with the customer to test the understanding and reduce the cost of rework.


  • Reduced the engineering cost of fixing bugs by creating minimum viable features first, getting it reviewed by the customer and then proceeding to the actual development after sign off.
  • Banks were able to increase an average loan volume by 100k.
  • Deal Manager application was extended to over 6k front-line bank employees. It empowered those employees to offer personalized rates and manage the negotiation process.
  • One of the Canadian Mortgage Lender reported 50% decrease in mortgage rate exception requests, which improved their margins and reduced the operational cost.