Open Source Projects


Home Monitoring using IoT device sensor

Java, HSQLDB, JBoss, RestEasy, Maven, HTML, CSS, Charts.js

  • Developed Home Monitoring system to issue alerts when temperature/sound reach above threshold with no motion detected.
  • Implemented backend and user interface to persist sensor data, compute alert logic and generate graphs for readings.

Smart Agent, Artificial Intelligence

Functional Programming, Scheme

Designed a smart agent capable of competing with other agents in a simulated natural environment. The environment is populated with competing agents, vegetation and predators.

Optimization of Genetic Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence

Functional Programming, Scheme

Implemented genetic algorithm to perform local search for the global maximum in a 7-dimensional landscape. Improved the performance by fine tuning the parameters for selection and crossover.

PennyTracker Android App

Android, Java, JSON, REST, Android Studio

  • Designed and developed Android application with expense tracking, summary and budgeting features.
  • Consumed REST API’s to retrieve and persist application data.

Decision Trees for Classification of Home types

R, Decision Trees, Data Mining

Predicted the type of homes in California based on labeled demographic attributes. Constructed classification tree, used Cross Validation technique, trained and tested the model using recursive partitioning.

Entity Projection using Spatial Databases

Java, MySQL, Entity Relationships

  • Designed spatial database to store the information of entities like buildings, photos and photographer locations.
  • Developed GUI to perform spatial queries on the database of a certain access points.

Yahtzee Game

Core Java, Object Oriented Programming

Developed game using various dice permutations from 1 to 6 and assigned the actual score for each turn.

Hangman Game

Core Java, Swing, Object Oriented Programming

Developed a word game in Java for players to guess the letters of the word. Created User Interface to construct a Hangman for penalizing each incorrect guess.

Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data

Java, REST, JSON, JBOSS, Maven, Twitter Bootstrap, (Builder, Iterator, Observer, Singleton, Strategy) Design Patterns

Developed a web application to find sentiments of tweets on a topic. Used Stanford NLP, Alchemy and Idol OnDemand libraries to train and make predictions on filtered tweets.Retrieved tweets from Twitter Streaming API.

News Analysis

JavaScript, Python, Shell

Designed and developed web application to extract raw data from news source.Generated word cloud based on topic frequency.