Web Development for Video On Demand Service



Spark, Auckland, New Zealand


Spark New Zealand had a line of product that offered on-demand video streaming to consumers. The service consist of a vast collection of latest TV shows, movie rentals and kids shows that consumers can watch across any device including big screens, tablets or even smartphones.


  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Node.js
  • GraphQL
  • Google Analytics
  • MongoDB
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Authentication
  • Responsive Web


I worked in the capacity of full-stack software engineer with the video streaming team.

  • Ship frequent new features so the company could promote high viewer engagement.
  • Long pending bugs needed to be prioritized and fixed.
  • Adopt new platform and work on the migration of existing REST APIs to GraphQL.
  • Fast and frequent releases cycles with a sprint cadence.


  • Worked on some of the impactful bugs to improve usability, caching and faster load times for the viewers.
  • Worked closely with the Product team, gathered feature requirements and prioritized development effort.
  • Took the approach of Atomic Design Principles and built reusable React components based on the design.
  • Adopted Responsive Web Design fundamentals when building new components across multiple screens.
  • Developed and released small incremental features, took user feedback and reiterated. This helped in maintaining a decent release cadence.
  • Performed beta testing of new features on multiple screen sizes.


  • Long pending bugs related to performance, caching, UI and backend services were fixed. There was a significant drop in user complains.
  • Developed, migrated and shipped this new show page for TV shows, movies and kids shows.
  • Kickstarted the work for migrating existing API work to GraphQL.